Mycosan Foot & Shoe powder

Prevents Fungal infection

Mycosan Foot & Shoe powder provides a daily solution. The Powder is designed for the prevention of fungal infections of the skin and nail of the feet, while also deodorizing the feet instantly. It creates an optimal foot and shoe climate which inhibits the growth of fungi.

The powder is especially suitable for:

  1. After-treatment to prevent reoccurrence of fungal infections
  2. People running a greater risk of fungal foot problems, such as athlete’s, soccer players, diabetics and family members of athlete’s foot/fungal nail sufferers
  3. For certain occupations, e.g. Nursing, where feet are often in damp, moist warm conditions ideal for growth of fungi
  4. People with sweaty feet, to deodorize shoes and socks

A consumer survey has indicated that 85% of all respondents would buy Mycosan Foot & Shoe Powder and would recommend it to friends and family.*

* Consumer Survey Oct. 2015


Apply to feet and shoes before wearing shoes

Apply to feet and shoes after wearing shoes

For extra protection apply powder onto the socks