Fungal Nail Treat + Camouflage (5ml + 8ml)

New! With the trusted effectiveness of Mycosan and camouflage when you really need it: specifically developed for the effective treatment of fungal nails and to immediately improve the appearance of the discoloured nail, when deemed necessary.

Why use Mycosan Treat + Camouflage?

  • Mycosan serum: up to 100% clinically proven effective against fungi.*
  • Precision brush: for the right dosage on those hard-to-reach areas.
  • Natural Nail breathable nail polish: instantly camouflages discolourations.
  • 10 Nail files: for better efficacy. Due to filing, the serum can reach the fungus better.
*Consumer research shows that 92% of the participants saw an improvement of the nail surface after two weeks.