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Do you want to know if you suffer from fungi?

Do the Mycosan fungal nail test here and see whether you are at risk

Fungal nails are contagious and an unpleasant condition. A fungal nail infection should always be treated because it does not go away on its own.

This fungal nail test will help you determine whether you are at risk for a nail infection.

Answer the 4 questions from the Mycosan fungal nail test and immediately receive an answer whether or not you suffer from a fungal nail.

If you are in doubt about the nature of your ailment, we advise you to obtain additional advice from a chiropodist or to visit your GP.


Did any of the following situations occur in the past 3 months?


Has one or more family members ever had a fungal nail or athlete’s foot?


Does the suspect nail look different from the other nails? And does it show any of the following symptoms?

(multiple answers possible)


Which of the following images resembles your nail the most?

Mycosan nagelMycosan nagelMycosan nagelMycosan nagel

You finished the test

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