Do you want to know if you suffer from athlete’s foot?

Do the Mycosan athlete’s foot test here and see whether you are at risk

Athlete’s foot is contagious and an unpleasant condition. Athlete’s foot should always be treated because it does not disappear on its own.
This athlete’s foot test will help you determine if you are at risk for athlete’s foot.
Answer the 5 questions from the Mycosan athlete’s foot test and immediately receive an answer whether or not you suffer from athlete’s foot.
If you are in doubt about the nature of your ailment, we advise you to obtain additional advice from a chiropodist or to visit your GP.

Question 1

Do you suffer from one or more symptoms between the toes?

Question 2

Do you suffer from itching or a burning sensation between the toes?

Question 3

Do you regularly walk barefoot in public places?
(Sauna, swimming pool, open showers but also hotel rooms)

Question 4

Have you ever suffered from athlete’s foot or fungal nails?

You finished the test

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