Frequently asked questions

Mycosan Fungal Nail and Mycosan Athlete’s Foot have unique formulations, which kills the fungi that cause fungal nails and athlete’s foot. Mycosan Fungal Nail is able to penetrate deep into the nail so the fungi can be treated effectively. The patented serum comes in an unique precision brush which was developed especially to reach fungi in hard to reach areas such as under the (loose) nail. It is a complete treatment including nail files and a treatment schedule which is based on the treatment of a professional, the pedicure. Mycosan Fungal Nail is suitable for diabetics and children from the age of 4 years.
Mycosan Athlete’s Foot has an unique 2-fold effect; it instantly relieves itching and kills 99,9% of the fungi causing athlete’s foot. It restores and protects the skin.The Mycosan gel can be applied in a hygienic and targeted way thanks to the double angled precision brush. The wide angle of the brush ensuring a fast and hygienic application of the gel and preventing spreading of fungi to other body parts. The small angle reaching fungi in between the toes.
Mycosan Foot & Shoe powder prevents funal nail and athlete’s foot. The super absorbing powder ensures an optimal foot and shoe climat and helps to prevent (re)contamination of fungi. It deodorizes the feet and reduces sweaty feet.
Mycosan Protect Anti-Fungus is a water resistant foam which prevents a fungal infection and keeps the feet fresh. It offers 12 hours protection against fungi and is very suitable for people who regularly visit a sauna, swimming pool or other damp rooms.

Mycosan is completely odorless and colorless.

Yes. Mycosan is not absorbed by the skin and therefore it can also be used by children from the age of 4. Mycosan does not contain substances which might cause problems with people who are diabetic or suffer from asthma.

Mycosan Fungal Nail should be applied twice a day on during a period of 4 weeks in order to treat the nail successfully. In case of a new fungal nail arising within a short period of time, you can start using Mycosan again immediately.
Mycosan Athlete’s Foot should be applied twice a day on the affective skin until the skin in completely recovered.
Mycosan Foot & Shoe powder should be applied before and after wearing the shoes on feet and shoes. For extra protection it can also be applied in the socks.
Mycosan Protect Anti-Fungal should be applied twice a day on dry feet and between the toes. After 30 days of continuous treatment, a rest period of 3-5 days is advised.

Mycosan Fungal Nail
Apply Mycosan Fungal Nail twice a day on the affected nail for a continuous period with a minimum of 4 weeks. Start with filing of the nail after 1 week. File the affected nail adequately once a week with the included nail files. (Attention: use one nail file for one specific nail and use them only once to prevent further spreading of the infection.)
The treatment has to be completed fully to be able to reach the result. It is advised to continue the application of the serum once every day until the nail has regained it’s the healthy white/pink color. The affected part of the nail has to grow out of the nail, which can take a couple of months. Be patient! However, the first results will be visible within a couple of weeks. Remove nail polish and clean the nails before applying Mycosan Fungal Nail.
Mycosan Athlete’s Foot treatment
Apply a thin layer of the product on the affected area or area’s twice a day. This should be done as soon as possible after the first signs of symptoms. Like: itching, a burning sensation, redness, unpleasant odor, flaking and cracking of the skin. Treat the fungal infection until the symptoms have completely disappeared. Continue the treatment for an additional two weeks to prevent a recontamination. Contact your GP if the symptoms did not improve within two weeks.
Mycosan Foot & Shoe Powder
To get the best result the powder should be applied on the feet before and after wearing the shoes. Spread the powder in the shoes before and after wearing the shoes. For extra protection it is advised to apply the powder also in the socks.
Mycosan Protect Anti-Fungal
For an optimal protection, apply twice a day on dry feet and between the toes. Apply again after washing your feet. A resting period of 3-5 days is recommended after each period of 30 days when used continuously.

The provide amount in the tubes for fungal nail and athlete’s foot are sufficient for a complete treatment.

We advise not to use Mycosan during the pregnancy, unless the GP has decided otherwise. The reason being because we cannot say with 100% certainty that Mycosan has no influence on the unborn child. The usage of Mycosan during breastfeeding should not be a problem.