Why use Mycosan?

Mycosan is the self-care specialist in the targeted treatment and prevention of fungal nail and athlete’s foot.

Who is Mycosan for?

Anyone that suffers from fungal nail and/or athlete’s foot or is (extra) sensitive for fungal infections such as diabetics, elderly, athletes and people who visit swimming pools and saunas frequently and have a preference of using a self-care treatment without having to compromise on quality. Mycosan is suitable for diabetics and children from the age of 4 years.

Clinically proven effective

Mycosan offers a complete range of clinically proven self-care products for an effective, targeted treatment and prevention of fungal infections on the feet, of professional quality. All products are medical devices. Mycosan Fungal Nail is 100% clinically proven effective* against fungi causing fungal nail with visible results within two weeks**. Mycosan Athlete’s Foot kills 99,9% of the fungi causing athlete’s foot.

Targeted and hygienic treatment

Due to the unique precision brushes Mycosan can be applied effective and targeted, even on those hard to reach areas such as under the (loose) nail and between the toes. The so-called “no touch’ applicators are hygienic and prevent further spreading of the fungi to other body parts. All of this for optimal result.

Everything for fungus free feet

Our feet are important in our daily activities but are often forgotten. With the products Mycosan Fungal Nail, Fungal Nail XL and Mycosan Athlete’s Foot Mycosan offers effective precision treatments for fungal nail and athlete’s foot. In addition, the products Mycosan Foot & Shoe Powder and Mycosan Protect Anti-fungus offer the required prevention against (re)contamination of fungal nail or athlete’s foot.

Mycosan. Everything for fungus free feet

*In 100% of the participants, with mild to moderate fungal nails, who participated in clinical trial in 2011 no fungi (Tricophyton rubrum, Tricophyton mentagrophytes, Candida albicans) that causes fungal nails were to be found after 90 days.
** 92% of the participants of a consumer research in 2011 saw an improvement of the nail surface after two weeks. With use of product according to the instruction leaflet.