Mycosan Testimonials (dutch examples)

My big toenail was dark coloured for a year, a fungal nail. During a footspa I was tipped about Mycosan. I now use the product already for 9 days and I can see the nail becoming lighter. In 5 days I start filing my nail en I cannot wait to see the result. For the first time since a long time I am confident about it again!
Elly V. / Utrecht

Handy tube that does not leak, applies pleasantly and works simply and fast. I am especially happy with the benefit packaging for treating multiple nails!
Paul G. / Amsterdam

After using Mycosan Fungal Nail successfully for a fungus on two small toenails, my wife now also uses the product. She also suffered from a fungal nail, probably sustained through me. Now we both are on the way to having good-looking nails again!
Martin / Groningen



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