Athlete’s Foot Precision brush

Effective precision treatment: 
Kills 99,9% of the fungi causing athlete’s foot*.  

  • Mycosan gel: kills 99,9% of the fungi which cause athlete’s foot.  
  • Precision brush: hygienic & targeted 
  • Clears symptoms: such as itching, burning, cracking, redness, flaking of skin and bad odour.
  • Reduces: symptoms like itching, burning sensation, redness, unsavory odor, flaking and cracking from the skin
  • Restores: the condition of the skinthe skin condition. 
  • Suitable: for diabetics and children from the age of 4.  

When use Mycosan Athlete’s Toot treatment? 

  • With mild to moderate form of athlete’s foot.
  • To protect the skin of the feet and nails from fungal infections and to prevent recontamination after previous infections.

 *In vitro test nov. 2015