Why use Mycosan?

Complete treatments for fungal nail and athlete’s  foot and full protection against fungal (re)infection.

1. Proven effecicacy

All Mycosan products are medical devices. Mycosan fungal nail is also clinically proven to be a quick and effective solution against the fungi that cause fungal nail.

2. Fast, visible result*

*92% of the users during a consumer study saw an improvement of the nail surface within 2 weeks.

3. Complete treatment

With the product Fungal Nail and the Athlete’s Foot treatment Mycosan offers a complete range to treat nail fungus and athlete’s foot. Mycosan Foot & Shoe powder and Mycosan Protect antifungal will protect the feat against fungal infection.

4. Confident with fungus free feet!

Our feet are important in our daily life but we do often forget them. Mycosan offers products that effectively treat fungal nails and athlete’s foot and protect feet against fungal infections.