Voorkom kalknagels en voetschimmel

Prevent fungal nail and athlete’s foot

Taking good care of your feet is the first important step in the prevention of fungal nail and athlete’s foot!

  1. Inspect your feet regularly for fungal nail and athlete’s foot and pay attention to changes in color, texture or appearance.
  2. Maintain good foot hygiene, wash your feet and dry them well, also between the toes.
  3. Hydrate the skin. Warm weather and open shoes can cause rapidly cause dry skin which may result in damaging or formation of the skin, like fissures. It is recommended to regulate the moisture balance of the skin of the feet.
  4. Buy the correct size shoes. Shoe sizes may vary per brand and manufacturer. Purchase new shoes late in the day, when feet tend to be at their largest. Always choose shoes with the best fit.
  5. Wear clean socks every day, preferably cotton or woolen. It is important that socks can absorb sweat (moist) and keept the feet dry.
  6. Don’t ignore foot pain! Symptoms that increase or do not resolve within a reasonable period of time need to be evaluated by a pedicure.
  7. Always cut toenails straight across. Never cut into the corner because this could cause an ingrown toenail. Gently file away sharp corners or rough edges with a nail file. Avoid biting or lipping cuticles; it will create extra possibilities for a nail to start an infection or irritation.
  8. Exercise. Walking is a great way to keep weight under control and is an excellent conditioner for the feet. Be sure to wear appropriate athletic shoes when exercising.
  9. Change your shoes each day. Since the feet have sweat glands, your shoes will absorb moisture from your feet, so it is important to allow your shoes to dry out completely. Avoid shoes made from synthetic materials.
  10. Always wear sandals in swimming pools and changing rooms to help protect your feet from injury and fungi infection, which proliferate in humid environments.
  11. Put sunblock on your feet while wearing sandals during the day to avoid sunburn.
  12. Treat athlete’s foot immediately, the fungus can spread to the toes/nnails. With this type of fungus, it is also recommended to treat socks and shoes with an antifungal product.