Frequently asked questions

All Mycosan products are medical devices. Mycosan fungal nail is also clinically proven to be a quick and effective solution against the fungi that cause fungal nail.

With the Fungal Nail treatment and the Athlete’s Foot treatment Mycosan offers a complete range to treat nail fungus and athlete’s foot. Mycosan Foot & Shoe powder and Mycosan Protect antifungal will protect the feat against fungal infection.

Mycosan nail fungal treatment is completely odor- and colorless.

Yes. Mycosan is not absorbed by the skin and is therefore also suitable for children from the age of four. Mycosan does not contain any substances that could be problematic for people with asthma or diabetics.

Mycosan Nail Fungal Treatment should, the first 4 weeks, be applied twice a day to the fungal nail to effectively treat the infection. After the first 4 weeks apply once a day. For a faster an optimal result carefully file down the affected area with accompanying files once a week. In case of recontamination shortly after the first infection.

Mycosan Athlete’s Foot should be applied twice a day to the affected area(s) as early as possible following the onset of signs and/or symptoms, i.e. itching, cracking, burning, redness, malodour and flaking of the skin. Treatment should be continued until healing is complete. Continue treatment for 2 weeks after the symptoms have cleared to prevent recurrence. Consult a health care professional if the symptoms have not improved after 2 weeks.

Mycosan Foot & Shoe powder should be applied onto the feet before and after wearing shoes. Apply in shoes before and after wearing them. For extra protection it is recommended to sprinkle into socks.

Mycosan Protect should be applied twice a day on dry feet and in between the toes for optimal protection. Re-apply after rinsing.A rest period of 3-5 days is recommended after any period of 30 days of continuous use

  • Apply Mycosan twice a day to the infected nail for a continuous period of 4 weeks. After this period apply once a day until the affected area has grown out.
  • Let it dry for 1 minute
  • Start filing the nail after 2 weeks. File the infected nail carefully, once a week with the provided nail files. Use 1 nail file per nail and only once to prevent the infection from spreading.

The treatment needs to be entirely finished in order to have results! It is advised is to keep applying the serum once a day to the nail until the nail is entirely healthy and the colour is white/pink again. It is important that the affected part of the nail grows out, which can take several months. The first results will be already visible in two weeks. Remove any nailpolish and clean the nails before applying Mycosan.

You only need to apply a small drop! The required quantity depends on the size of the nail or number of infected nails. The tube of 5ml with brush is enough to treat the big toenail for 3 months.

We would advise you not to use Mycosan during pregnancy, unless under supervision of a specialist (doctor),  as we cannot guarantee with 100% certainty that it will not harm your unborn child. Mycosan can safely be used during breastfeeding.