What is Mycosan?

Complete treatments for fungal nail and athlete’s foot and full protection against fungal (re)infection.

Mycosan is proven effective and active against fungi that cause fungal nail and athlete’s foot. It is a simple and fast solution*. Mycosan Fungal Nail has a unique composition and can be used by diabetics and children from the age of 4.

The range of Mycosan consists of:
Mycosan Fungal Nail (5m & 10 ml), Mycosan Athlete’s Foot treatment, Mycosan Foot & Shoe powder and Mycosan Protect Foam.

Fungal Nail treatment
Mycosan Fungal Nail treats mild to moderate forms of fungal nails. Mycosan protects surrounding nails against fungal infections.

Athlete’s Foot treatment
Mycosan Athlete’s Foot treatment is an easy to use and highly effective gel for treating athlete’s foot.

Foot & Shoe powder
Mycosan Foot & Shoe powder is deisgned for the prevention of fungal infections of the skin and nail of the feet instantly.

Protect Antifungal
Mycosan Protect antifungal is a water resistant foam that protects the feet against fungal infection.

*92% of the users during a consumer study in 2011 saw in 2 weeks time an improvement of the nail surface
** 100% of the participants, with a mild to moderate form of fungal nails, during a clinical study in 2011 fungi causing fungal nail (Tricophyton rubrum, Tricophyton mentagrophytes, Candida albicans) where not to be found after a period of 90 days.
*** When using as instructed in the direction of use