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When to go to a pedicurist?

Do you doubt the health of your feet?

In general we do not often look or take care of our feet. To timely react to possible discomforts with a treatment and have an optimal result, it is advices to regulary inspect your feet.

With each complaint to the foot a visit to a pedicurist can give you insight for a proper treatment or referral to a specialist. It is therefore adviceable to seek advice when experiencing any foot discomfort. Examples of discomforts:

  1. Pain to the heel
  2. Fungal nail/discoloration of the toenails
  3. Ingrown toenail
  4. Pain to the toes
  5. Pain to the sole of the feet
  6. Open wounds
  7. Discomfort to the toenails
  8. Hammer toe
  9. Callouses
  10. Each type of irritation or inconvenience to the bottom side of the foot
  11. Experiencing pain when walking or while sleeping
  12. Ervaring van pijn tijdens wandelen of tijdens de slaap
  13. Arthiritis
  14. Every abnormal swelling or numbness

Each of these symptoms can be a sign of an underlying cause, which can be treated by a pedicurist or another specialist. A pedicurist is fully specialized in the care and treatment of the feet. This can be cosmetically or medically. A pedicurist treats various complaints to the feet and toes and can contribute to your feet to keep it them as healthy as possible.

A pedicurist treats various complaints to the feet, such as:

  • Taking care of the nails and nail surrounding
  • Removing excessive caluses or other corn types
  • Treatment of fungal nail or ingrown nails
  • Special treatment for people with an increased risk for foot problems –
    • Diabetes
    • Rheumatism

In addition to these treatments a pedicurist can also give advice or a referral to a physician or podiatrist.