Hoe krijg ik kalknagel of voetschimmel?

How do I get athlete’s foot?

Catching athlete’s foot can happen in different ways.

This happens especially in warm, humid environments because traces can grow eaily into fungus in these surroundings.

Common causes of a fungus infection are:
  • Swimming and showering makes the skin moist and therefore more prone to infection.
  • Sweaty feet, bad ventilated shoes and socks promotie mould growth

Who has an increased risk of catching a foot fungal infection?

  • People who already have suffered from athlete’s foot before
  • People who suffer from a fungal nail
  • People who visit public areas like swimming pools, showers and sauna’s
  • When having a deviation in the PH value of the skin
  • Because of not drying the feet properly
  • People with a compromised immune system
  • Via family members suffering from athlete’s foot