Mycosan Protect Anti-schimmel

Athlete’s foot treatment

It is important to treat athlete’s foot not only because it is painful but also because it is infectious, and therefore other parts of the body can get affected or other people. Most foot fungi are superficial and can be successfully treated with an anti-fungal product, available at your local drugstore or pharmacy without prescription.

An athlete’s foot can be treated in different ways:

Local treatment
Athlete’s foot can generally be treated with a cream or an ointment, containing a fungicidal or a growth inhibitory agent is incorporated, that generally must be applied thinly once or twice a day. These anti – fungal products damage the cell wall of the fungi causing it to die.

The itching and redness reduces within several days. However, it takes some weeks before the foot is entirely healed. It is therefore important to continue the treatment, even when the abnormalities are not longer visible on the skin.

Oral treatment
In severe or persistent cases, your doctor or dermatologist will prescribe you a special treatment with oral medication. These treatments often have a period of use of three months. In addition, a foot powder can be provided in which an anti – fungal agent is processed. This powder can be sprinkled on the feet, in socks and shoes. If you experience extreme redness, increased swelling or profuse sweating, it is wise to visit your doctor.

Tips for your daily hygiene to prevent an athlete’s foot:

  • Dry your feet carefully after showering, especially between the toes!
  • Use Mycosan Protect Anti-Fungal for 12hour protection.
  • Wear clean socks every day, preferably cotton or woolen. It is important that the socks absorb transpiration (moisture) and keep the skin dry.
  • Wash your socks inside out so that the fungi in the textile have less chance to stick to the fabric.
  • Change regularly your shoes and wear proper ventilated (leather) shoes.
  • Wear flipflops in public areas.
  • Take off your shoes whenever possible and walk barefoot or with socks.
  • Wash your feet everyday, preferably with no, or very little, soap.