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Do you suffer from athlete’s foot?

Athlete’s foot is a very common foot disorder, which causes discomforts.

Fungi prefer to live in warm, humid environments. If your skin is damaged or soggy the fungi can penetrate the skin. Athlete’s foot can also occur in multiple places on the foot but generally prefers to settle between the toes.

Most common symptoms of athlete’s foot are:
  • The skin of the feet, especially between the toes, flakes
  • Chapped skin
  • Itch, pain and a burning sensation
  • The skin kan sometimes feel soggy
  • Blisters might appear containing a clear liquid
  • Underneath the flakes the skin can be red and painful
  • Sometimes the nails discolour and become thick and brittle. This is also known as fungal nail.

We recommend you to regularly inspect your feet on these symptoms so you can timely respond to the development of a fungal foot infection.

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